Get some advice

Some of the best information to assist you in selecting your builder can come from speaking to people who’ve dealt with them before. Also try asking any family and friends that have hired a builder to construct their home or renovate. Generally, they will easily tell you their stories, whether the experience was amazing or a nightmare.

  • Find the right kind of builder for your project

You’ve no doubt got some idea about the type and style of home you’re hoping to build, so it’s important to find a builder whose skills best align with your plans.

There are specialist builders for first-time buyer homes, mid-range project homes, top-end custom designs, and for the very high budget there are luxury builders.

There is little point approaching a first-home builder to build a custom home because their budget, repeat design and business model will most likely prevent them from being able to be competitive in a one-off build. Similarly, a high-end home builder will be less likely to build a small home where their margin is smaller than a more luxurious product.


Validity of your Builder  

Check that your builder is licensed, registered and insured. At a minimum, they should have Public Liability Insurance and Home Building Compensation (HBC), formerly known as Home Warranty Insurance (HWI).


Is everything included?

Read through your building contract to ensure it has everything you want and have asked for. The following items or works are commonly not included to save costs, so it’s important to clarify this before you sign the building contract:

  • Driveway
  • Garage door
  • Fencing and landscaping
  • Sufficient number of light fittings
  • Sufficient number of power and TV points
  • Window locks
  • Flyscreens
  • Roof insulation
  • Double termite protection (slab & frame)


It’s vital to get the right builder for your project who will deliver what you want, for the price you want, and with the level of service you need. FAA go through a vigorous process before beginning a partnership with any builder.

Our Specialists can help guide you in decision-making, explain unfamiliar terms and conditions, advise what to sign and when and make sure the choice of builder fits your brief.

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