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Our goal is to help you grow your wealth and improve your situation.


What are the different types of Investments?

There are two main types of investments, which include;

  • Property
  • Shares / Managed Funds

Within each of these two areas there are numerous types of investments that you can consider. There are different advantages and disadvantages of each type of investment and it is important to consider you individual situation before making any decisions.


Why should you consider an Investment?

There are two main reasons that you should consider investing, which are:

  • An investment can help you to be tax efficient
  • Investing can help you to become financially stable through ‘wealth creation’

Some examples include that property can earn you rental income; while managed funds allow your money to grow without you needing to do any work.

How can we help you?

FAA is able to refer to a Lifespan Consultant to educate you about what the different types of investments are and how it could help you.
We can look at your individual situation to see if you are getting the most value or if you are able to add to it.

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