Salary Packaging, more money to spend on the things that matter.

Salary Packaging is simple with FAA

Pay less Tax – Save money on your everyday items*

*Depends on your employer & individual circumstances. It is recommended to obtain independent financial advice before commencing salary packaging and to disclose if you have HECS/HELP/TSL or receive family benefit payments, to assess how Salary Packaging will affect this.

Work Expenses - Otherwise Deductible Expenses

Commuting by Bus/Taxi/Rideshare

Portable Electronics – Laptop, Software, GPS

Professional Development – Membership, travel, conferences

In-house private health/fitness, childcare

Home Office, Tools of trade, Briefcases, PPE, Airport lounge

Financial Advice, Private ruling items


Salary Packaging additional contributions into your Super Fund may have significant benefits

Salary Packaging Status's

Full FBT Employee

$30,000 Rebatable Employee

$17,000 Exemption Cap

$30,000 Charity Exemption Cap