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Home Loans

Factors for Consideration

When obtaining a mortgage you should consider if your Bank / Mortgage Broker will:

  • Assist you navigate the ‘red tape’
  • Provide a comparison of multiple banks and lenders?
  • Deliver a high level of ongoing service?
  • Offer you the best interest rate available?
  • Tailor your loan options to suit your individual circumstance?

Deciding to take out a Home Loan can be one of the most exciting milestones in a person’s life. However, without the right support and guidance, it can also be very confusing due to the multiple options available including banks, lenders, loan types and structures.


How can we help you?

We understand you are busy and while it can be quite a drawn-out process to get a loan, we can assist you by:

  • processing your application so you don’t have to go to a branch;
  • chasing up the banks for you;
  • keeping you informed every step of the way;
  • overseeing and arranging payments to the builder for construction if you are building a new home;
  • assist you to navigate the red tape;
  • sending you photos of your new house at various stages of construction with regular progress updates; and
  • simply put, doing it all for you.

We can also evaluate your current lending situation and compare package offers to evaluate if there are better options available to you and if you should consider refinancing.

In addition, we can assist with:

  • Business Loans & Equipment Finance
    Running your own business is time – consuming, if you are looking for finance for your business or business equipment, we can save you time by referring you to trusted professionals in this field and assist with documentation.
  • Margin Loan
    A Margin Loan is a loan where you borrow money or utilise equity to invest in the share market. We are able to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages and evaluate if it would suit your financial position. We can then assist you to initiate this process with one of our referral partners.


How can we help you?

Our Specialist Brokers can help you understand your borrowing options and facilitate the lending process.
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