Our Environmental Sustainment / Management Plan

We are reducing our environmental footprint by use of efficient and innovative operations across all aspects of the company involving all staff.

Our Environment Sustainment / Management plan is operationalised within our ISO 9001-2015 quality system, with Management and Governance reviews as standing items on the fortnightly Executive Management Program.

Our 2022 focus is on establishing the e-Bike FMAL active travel program in partnership with cycling advocacy body WeRide.  The aim being to facilitate Public Sector and Large Employers to deliver a large environment benefit.

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

We are endeavouring to reduce our carbon footprint by the implementation of efficient consumption of energy within our offices, including onsite data centres. An example of this is setting the office air conditioning to 25°C and allocating distinct ‘open window days’.

Facilitating the Lease of Electric Cars

Our ambition to reduce the number of petrol cars on the road is convayed by our goal to facilitate 10% of all Novated Leases to Electric Vehicles by 2030, therefore reducing the amount harmful of polutants generated on roads.

Reduction of Printing

We’re committed to minimising paper use in our offices and materials generated for our customers (e.g. statements and marketing materials).  We’ll achieve this by monitoring the print count on our server with a target of reducing by 5% by 2025 (we recorded a 4.4% reduction in 2021).

Introduce Active Programs 

Introdcing Active Travel Programs in 50% of our clients by 2025 with the implimentation of e-Bike Fully Maintained Associate Leases, will not only have a positive affect the environment, but also the health and welbeing of clients.

Reduction in Waste

We aim to acheive this by reducing the amount of shredding bins used per year to 3 (achieved 1 less in 2021) and by recycling all cans, bottles, cardboard and paper (that does not require shredding).


No historical external policy oversight has been sought to date.  External oversight will be delivered with the WeRide partnership for e-Bike Active Travel Program that is being developed as a national program.  This program is in pilot and scheduled for release in the first quarter 2023.

Our Environmental Sustainment / Management Plan

Responsible Sourcing and Modern Slavery

FAA is committed to ending all forms of modern slavery and human rights violations and we support this in the following ways.

We train our staff on the causes and humanitarian impact of modern slavery, the Modern Slavery Policy and our approach to limiting the risk of modern slavery within our supply chains and operations.

Supply Chain:
We encourage our suppliers to complete a Corporate Social Responsibility questionnaire which contains questions relevant to modern slavery and we work with vendors that have functional controls in place.

Ethical Investments:
The Ethical Screening of Investments Guidelines and Procedures (FIN33) seeks to ensure that the investment of FAA funds is consistent with the Fundamental Principles of FAA.