With FAA everything is at your fingertips

Manage your Salary Packaging with FAA online account on any device.

With FAA, you can track you spending to ensure you maximise the benefits that increase your disposable income.

    Using the FAA App
    1. Click on the App
    2. When you open the App the first time is will prompt ‘account registration’
    3. Enter your username and password (Same as your FAA Portal)


    Profile Update via the Admin tab

    • You can update your personal information 24/7
    • Add or remove Bank Account information
    • Suspend PBI cards

    Account Balance

    • Your account balance will be displayed on your App home screen
    • Review historical transaction with filters
    • Export account history


    • Use the ‘click and claim’ function
      • Select claim
      • Photograph your receipt (Review and approve)
      • Allocate to the applicable benefit
      • Enter value
      • Submit


    • In app messaging for help
    • Book a call back
    • FAQ library