Make sure your loved ones are looked after when you’re no longer able to.

Do you have enough cover to look after your family if the unfortunate happened?


Life Insurance

Did you know that 50% of Australian families with dependent children do not have enough life insurance cover to look after their family for more than 4 years should they pass away?

What is Life Insurance Cover?

Life insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event of terminal illness or death. The amount of the lump sum paid out is determined when you take out the policy and should be chosen with the aim to protect your family’s financial security.

You should consider Life Insurance Cover if you have a family or dependents or have a mortgage or other debt.


What are the benefits of Life Insurance?

Life insurance pays a lump sum to support you and your family financially if you become terminally ill or pass away.

Life insurance Premiums can be paid both inside and outside of superannuation. This means you have a choice of paying;

  • from your own personal cash flow
  • from your superannuation balance


How does Life Insurance work?

Deciding on the best insurance cover to protect your family in the event of a significant illness or death can be very stressful. Seeking assistance to evaluate the most suitable level of cover ensures your family will be protected financially and provides peace of mind.

An FAA Specialist will meet with you to evaluate your situation, answer your questions and based on your needs, they will then present suitable policy options to you. The cover that you choose should be sufficient to protect your family’s financial security.

Once you have selected your preferred Policy, our specialist team will arrange and implement the agreed level of cover and provide assistance with documentation and support throughout the entire process.

In the event of terminal illness or your death, the lump sum specified in your Life Insurance Policy is paid out to you or your family.

How can we help you?

Contact us today to organise an initial appointment with an Insurance Specialist.
Your Insurance Specialist can show you whether this insurance is right for you and how much cover you need.
We provide a holistic service and can assist you in all areas of your financial life.

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