Otherwise Deductible Expenses (ODE’s)

You can claim expenses through Salary Packaging that you would ordinarily claim when doing your Tax Return at the end of the Financial Year (July 1 onwards every year).  These are called Otherwise Deductable Expenses (ODE’s).

The benefit of claiming ODEs via Salary Packaging include:
  • You get to claim your tax saving now instead of waiting until you do your Tax Return
  • Additionally FAA will claim the GST for you and credit it to your Salary Packaging account for your use
ODEs include:
  • Work-related expenses;
  • Professional memberships & subscriptions;
  • Licence fees;
  • Medical examination costs;
  • Home office expenses such as internet, stationary etc;
  • Conference, Workshop, and Seminar Registration fees etc;
  • Course and tuition fees;
  • Text and reference books and reports;

Note:  As the term ‘Work-related’ means that these expenses MUST be required for your ‘current’ employment and NOT be as needed to get your job or for a job change.