1. The property must be liveable

As a tenant, you have the right to reside in a safe and secure environment. It is the landlord/managers obligation to maintain this standard. This means that doors and windows must be functional and able to provide security, roofs and walls kept out of water, access to both cold and hot water and that there are no pests.


  1. You should receive responses to maintenance requests in a timely manner

General repairs are the responsibility of the landlord unless the issue has occurred due to tenant negligence or mistreatment. The approach can be different depending on the urgency of the matter, contractor availability and landlord approval.


  1. You have the right to be notified before an owner, manager or contractor enters the property

The property agent is allowed to attend the property for a number of reasons; inspections, open homes, valuations, maintenance and to ensure breaches are adhered to or that the agreement terms are being followed.


Appropriate notice is to be given in the form of an Entry Notice (Form 9) before a person can enter the property:

  • The owner/manager believes that the property has been abandoned = 24 hours
  • Carry out/inspect completed routine repairs or maintenance = 24 hours
  • Show the property to a perspective buyer or tenant = 24 hours
  • Check that a breach has been remedied = 24 hours
  • Allow a valuation of the property = 24 hours
  • Routine inspections = 7 days


  1. Your rent cannot be increased until the initial agreement term ends

An owner or manager cannot increase your rent more than once every six months and the increase must not be applied until the lease has ended and the lease renewal is signed.


Reminder:  Please keep in mind that as a tenant you also have an obligation to take care of the property, make payments on time, and abide to the terms of your lease agreement.


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