Why use an Accountant for your Tax Return

The value of relationships

As tax time nears, your Accountant will already have a solid understanding of your financial situation and can provide you with tailored tax advice to make the most of your money.

As your circumstances change, your Accountant can offer advice and suggestions to help you maximise your finances and ensure you get back what you deserve.

Time Saver

Your Accountant can process your Return within the hour – and if you don’t have time to chat with an Accountant, you can arrange your Return to be completed via email while you relax and do something you enjoy.


You can collate all your information, look up what deductions you can claim, check to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes – and that doesn’t include the time you stare at the screen trying to interpret the question.

No stress

When you lodge your Return yourself, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.

As Accountants work in this area daily they have a comprehensive understanding of the tax legislation, choosing to lodge through an Accountant, allows you to rest easy knowing your Return has been accurately prepared.

Extended deadlines

If you lodge your Tax Return yourself, the usual deadline is October 31st.

If your Accountant lodges your Tax Return, the lodgement due date is extended to May the following year.

Less complex

One thing’s for sure, all Tax Returns are unique.

If you’ve got several jobs, earn additional income through the share market, run a business, own rental property or juggle an investment portfolio, using an Accountant can remove the complexity and help ensure you maximise your entitlements.


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