What is a WEX Motorpass Card?

A WEX Motorpass Card puts you in control of your vehicle for a wide range of expenses including fuel/diesel, oil,
servicing and repairs, car washing and much more.  You can access your account online and review all your transactions making it easy to budget.

Where can I use my card?

WEX Motorpass cards are accepted at over 93% of service stations across Australia, making it Australia’s most widely accepted fuel card. You have the confidence of knowing that no matter where you are nation-wide, you’ll be able to fill up with over 6,000 available locations to do so.

Not only are you able to use your WEX Motorpass card at service stations, you can also snatch up deals and savings on tyres,
batteries, servicing, car washes and more.


How can I access my account?

You can access your account online at:  https://www.motorpass.com.au/

With the online portal you can:

  • view your transactions,
  • set a pin for your card for security,
  • set a card limit if you are budgeting and don’t wish to exceed a specific amount per week
  • and many other things such as viewing WEX partners, where you can save money other than just on fuel and car maintenance. This includes accommodation, auto retailers, car parking, taxi’s and more. https://www.motorpass.com.au/using-your-card/where-can-i-save

Are there any benefits of using a WEX Motorpass Card?

The amount of money you can save and whether or not a WEX Motorpass card is beneficial varies from person to person.

With Salary Packaging (which anticipates the use of a Motorpass Card), you can claim the GST you spend on fuel and vehicle maintenance as well as pay for your expenses out of your pre-tax dollars, lowering your taxable income so you pay less tax  and save money where you would normally pay GST!

Additionally, your Motorpass card is billed monthly from WEX and we at FAA take care of paying for the bill on your behalf with funds from your Salary Packaging account. This saves you time by not having to collect receipts and fill in paperwork for reimbursements, and you can take your card wherever you go.