1. This year I had goals and…

(a) Forgot about them

(b) Thought about them sometimes

(c) Regularly reviewed my goals and achieved them


2. This year my Superannuation…

(a) Wasn’t reviewed and only received compulsory contributions

(b) Was reviewed but didn’t receive extra contributions

(c) Was reviewed and boosted with extra contributions


3. This year when thinking about money…

(a) It stressed me out – I have no idea where my money goes

(b) I felt ok – I think I know where my money goes

(c) I felt great – I know where my money goes


4. This year my savings routine was…

(a) Non-existent

(b) Putting money away when I could afford to

(c) Putting money in a savings account every pay day


5. This year when I went shopping…

(a) I didn’t have a plan and bought unnecessary things

(b) I had a plan in my head and only bought a few extras

(c) I made a list of everything I needed and stuck to it

6. This year I had a financial emergency and…

(a) Borrowed money to cover it

(b) Went without some things to cover it

(c) Used savings to cover it


7. This year when it came to Estate Planning…

(a) I did nothing – I don’t have a Will

(b) I felt fine – I have a Will but it needs updating

(c) I felt confident – I review my Will every 1-2 years


8. This year when it came to Personal Insurance…

(a) I felt worried – I don’t have any

(b) I felt ok – I have some but not sure if it is enough

(c) I felt good – I recently reviewed my Insurance and I know I have enough


9. This year when it came to investing…

(a) I didn’t think about it – I spent all my money

(b) I thought about investing in Property

(c) I saw a Financial Adviser and put a Plan in place

Have you been financially ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ this year?

Could you be doing more to improve your financial position?



You’ve been ‘naughty’ you will most likely be getting coal for Christmas this year!

You may need to make some changes to your financial habits.

Speak to our team who can help with all of the above and get you on the right track.

If you look at answer ‘C’ to each question, they are tips on what you can do moving forward.


You’ve been ‘naughty’ & ‘nice’ your Santa Sack won’t be empty this year but it could be more plump!

You may need to make a few minor changes to improve your financial position!

Speak to our team who can advise you on what steps you can take and what your options may be.


You’ve been ‘nice’ it looks like you will be getting lots of presents from Santa this year!

You’re on the right track and sound like you would benefit from taking the next step. 

If you want to explore your options, speak to our team about further growing your wealth.