We make Salary Packaging easy for Employers

  • Full ATO compliance made easy
  • Paper free online system
  • Realtime reporting and account management
  • Full function App for self-service
  • Responsive support people who care
  • We increase the disposable income of your staff at no cost to you

More information:

FAA is one of Australia’s largest financial services companies and bring over two decades of experience delivering high quality Salary Packaging services.

We protect employers and make compliance easy with purpose-built Salary Packaging eCommerce software that was built and is maintained by inhouse software engineers and Registered Tax Agents.  We can safely and swiftly allow you to offer new Tax Benefits as they are released.

Why FAA?  We let you offer more benefits for less effort from your payroll staff.  We let you offer Salary Packaging Benefits that are attractive to more of your staff.  Others focus on benefits that are biased to high wage earners.  We offer Benefits that are everyday expenses that benefit almost every full-time, part-time or casual staff member.  We make you an employer of choice, while making life easier.


How can we help you?

Contact us today to organise an initial appointment with a Salary Packaging Specialist.
The specialist can provide a free financial assessment and evaluate the impact on your individual circumstances.
We provide a holistic service and can assist you in all areas of your financial life.