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About FAA – The Franchisor

FAA is a Financial Services Referrer, passionate about people and their goals. We deliver expert advice and quality services to clients by providing guidance and assistance to help them achieve their short and long-term objectives.

The FAA Franchise comprises of accredited, independent industry Specialists providing financial services to clients all over Australia and assisting them to bring their dreams to life. Our dedicated and professional team work together to provide clients with a holistic approach to their financial situation.


The Fundamentals of FAA

Building long term relationships is our priority and we believe this is achieved through open communication, respect, trust and our genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals.

Our company values are:



We believe respect is a fundamental part of the service we provide to our clients and employees alike. Our team of specialists understand that everyone has different dreams and aspirations and acknowledge that our differences are what make us unique.

We recognise and value the views of our clients and believe that the ability to listen and be genuinely interested is essential when providing excellent customer service. This approach ensures that we are responsive to the needs of our clients and support them to reach their individual goals.



We place your interests first by tailoring our service offerings to your individual circumstances. Firstly, we ensure we have a complete understanding of our client’s priorities and future goals and work with them to set a clear direction. Then we provide the relevant information and education to place them in the best position to make informed decisions for their future.

We place a high level of important on privacy and confidentiality. Our client’s information is protected and maintained in such a manner that allows access only to those who are authorised.



FAA Specialists are committed to ongoing professional development and training. This is to ensure that our high level of service is complemented by experienced professionals.

When delivering our professional services, we set clear expectations and consistently provide quality outcomes in a timely and thorough manner with a focus on effective communication.

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