What are your spending habits during the bunny season? Could you be doing more to improve your financial position? Take our Easter Financial Quiz!

1. What does your Easter budget look like?

(a) Leaving it to the last minute and paying bills/activities on your credit card

(b) Saved and planned a budget for accommodation & treats


2. Where do you get your Easter treats from?

(a) Purchase from the shop

(b) Home baked/ DIY treats


3. How do you celebrate Easter?

(a) Eat out

(b) Host guests and everyone brings a plate


4. What does your Easter shopping look like?

(a) Go over the top and buy more than required

(b) Keep it minimal with small budget friendly gifts

5. How do you source decorations/baskets/costumes for Easter?

(a) Buy new every year

(b) Reuse/repurpose


6. Where do you stay for Easter?

(a) A family trip to a resort

(b) Stay with family/friends, go camping or stay at home


7. What type of chocolates do you buy for Easter?

(a) Gourmet chocolates for everyone (e.g. Lindt, Guylian etc)

(b) Bulk buy chocolate eggs/bunnies from supermarket or discount store


Mostly A – there is definitely room to make some extra savings over Easter, take some tips from answer ‘B’.

Need an accountability buddy to keep you on track?

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Mostly B – looks like you have been smart with your Easter budgeting, nice work.

If you want to further grow your wealth and explore your options speak to our team.

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